The Fitting Room
by N J Harris

“Look darling! There’s the shop I was looking for!”

I followed the direction of her pointing finger and spied the store in question.

“It’s a sex shop,” my reply was more deadpan, matter-of-fact than I intended.

“That’s why I love you,” she joked. “Your near super-human powers of observation.” She patted my backside and sped up into a kind of skipping run, which revealed the little girl she still was, inside an adult’s frame.

I quickened my pace to keep up, but refused to run, so when she reached the doorway, she stopped and playfully drummed her fingers on the frame until I caught up to her. I glared in mock annoyance and she simply leaned in to kiss me, before pushing backwards through the door into the ground floor of the small but remarkable well-stocked shop.

Straight ahead and to the left was the counter, where a pretty assistant stood sorting through some till receipts. She smiled at us as we entered.

The store itself wasn’t at all the tacky, seedy example I had perhaps expected. The interior was bright, airy and only hot due to the weather outside.

“What was it you wanted in here, then?” I asked, taking in the stock on offer and liking what I saw.

“I want you to choose something for me… for us,” she replied, a cheeky smile spreading across her lips.

“I see. Anything in particular?”

“Whatever you like, baby. Whatever you like.”

I looked at the shop-plan on the wall by the stairs. “But there’s three floors to choose from!”

“So let’s get started!” Our conversation had caught the attention of the sales assistant who, catching the end of it, smiled again, but to herself this time.

The ground floor was predominantly stocked with books and novelty items, such as key rings and confectionary in the shape of penises and breasts. There were also some massage dvds and risqué board games. These gave way toward the back of the shop to some items of lingerie and some massage accessories. A quick once-around the room and we made for the stairs.

The stairs themselves were quite narrow and the ceiling above quite low. I had to be careful not to scrape my head during the ascent and she expressed relief that she hadn’t worn heels. Minor hair disarrangements later, we emerged on the second floor and were greeted by myriad rows of lingerie, costumes and outfits as well as more literature; these publications a little more graphic in their content than their counterparts below.

She picked up a pair of rubber panties and waved them at me. I smiled and took the hanger of a satin French maid’s uniform, holding it up for her to see.

“Would you like me to wear that for you?” She asked, looking at me, and fluttering her eyelashes provocatively and adopting a coy stance. “You would, wouldn’t you?”

“Well, you know…” I began, unusually self-conscious. “If there’s nothing worth watching on the tele.” I winked at her.

A shelf of dildos of various shapes and colours occupied the wall near the stairs and I was made to feel quite inadequate by the size of some of them, especially as I was so far still unable to move the way some of those things could, despite every effort.

She smiled and took one in her hand, guiding the ‘business end’ teasingly towards her mouth. I watched in silence, trying not to let on the effect she had on me, regardless of any simulated felatio.

The third floor was home to the blow up dolls, the canes, the bondage equipment and the more expensive lingerie. We both picked up a purple corset at the same time, without realising. She expressed a liking for it, purple being her favourite colour, but. it was quite expensive so we decided on another time. However, when I turned back to her after having a quick look at the rail behind, she had two sizes of the corset and was disappearing into the changing room.

“Hey!” I laughed, as the curtain swished closed.

“Just trying,” she offered.

I carried on browsing, picking up an elaborate but well-made ankle spreader. But I had a homemade one at home which worked just as well and had cost me a whole lot less too.

“Babe?” she called through the curtain.

“Hmmm?” I put the bar back on its hook.

“What do you think?”

Hang on,” I said and went to her, slipping my head inside the curtain.

She was naked. I hadn’t expected that. Not only had she taken her top off to try on the corset, but she had slipped off her jeans too. The corset itself was on but not fastened as she hadn’t loosened the laces properly, she’d been unable to properly try it.

“Er,” I began. She grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into the changing cubicle, straightening the curtain with her other hand as she did so.

“It’s fine,” she said. Letting go of me and pulling the front of the corset together until the busk fastenings touched. The effect forced her breasts up and together and made them look wonderful. “Just needs the lacing loosened slightly.”

“Not too much though,” I winked.

She kissed me hard on the mouth, letting the corset slip to the floor. When she finally pulled away I saw her naked bottom in the cubicle’s mirror. I was already getting hard from the kiss and her nakedness, and she knew it. She pulled at my belt, loosening it and then tugging hard at the fastenings of my jeans. Soon my jeans were around my ankles, my underwear followed. Before I knew it, she was kneeling in front of me, licking my enlarging cock. I grabbed for the closed curtain then thought better of it and braced myself against the walls of the fitting room as she took me in her mouth, moving faster and faster, harder and harder.

“Babe,” I began. “Is this a good idea…?” I realised how prudish I sounded, but I needn’t have worried, as she took no notice.

Suddenly enflamed with desire for her, I grabbed her head and coaxed her to turn around. She did, adopting an all-fours position and I stood knelt behind her, probing her sopping cleft with my cock.

“Do it! Take me!” She almost shouted it. I slid gratefully inside her and we both moaned with pleasure.

I thrust inside her hard and watched her face in the mirror. She was watching me, her face neck and shoulder flushed red. I reached down and took a good hold of her hair, pulling it enough to lift her head so she could do nothing but stare at the mirror and our impromptu love-making.

The scene obviously appealed to her as her breathing increased in rhythm and after a little while, she climaxed hard. As she convulsed I too felt my orgasm start in the depths of my balls and before long, still riding her as hard as her frantic movement would allow, I came hard inside her.

We both collapsed onto the floor of the fitting room on top of the corsets she’d brought in to try on, just the curtain keeping our nakedness from the rest of the shop and the security cameras in evidence on all floors.

We spent rather a lot in that shop in the end.

___________________________Copyright N J Harris 03/10/2011_________________________________________________