Night Thoughts
by N J Harris

So how had she come to find herself in this position? She asked the darkness of the blindfold.  Here she was handcuffed to the headboard, blindfolded and with her ankles held in leather cuffs at either end of the metal spreader bar that kept her legs apart, adding to the feeling of vulnerability.

She shifted her position slightly in an attempt to make her knees a little more comfortable, feeling the tug of her stockings on the suspenders that attached them to the purple satin corset she was tightly laced into.  The corset itself, though restrictive, made her feel very sexy and she knew it had a very positive affect on him, which was why, when he’d called and ordered her to be wearing it when she arrived, she had obeyed, despite the initial trouble she’d had lacing it up properly at the back.

She remembered getting dressed an hour or two ago (or was it three by now? Four even?).  She had to admit as she studied her reflection in the mirror, she did look good in her black satin panties, the corset and stockings, the black high heels and the black velvet choker. She wondered if she should wear the long black gloves too. She knew he liked those but they hadn’t been on the checklist, so she decided she wouldn’t.  Don’t want to play all her trump cards in one hand, she said to herself, giggling a little at the weak pun.

Why did men always want their women to wear the most impractical, uncomfortable things imaginable?  I mean, honestly! How do they expect you to walk in these heels?  She laughed to herself, knowing he would approve and that thought made her feel horny.  She did feel she was dressed a little like a whore but wasn’t that what she was?

His whore? His little slut?
Either way, she was his and she knew it. And her dress would hide it all anyway, wouldn’t it?  Until he decided otherwise…
But where was he now?
When she’d arrived earlier, he’d opened the door to her and welcomed her inside, kissing her enthusiastically. He took her coat and stepped back, whistling appreciatively as he took in the vision in front of him, complimenting her on how she looked, especially as she was wearing that black dress he liked too. A glass or two of wine later they were both relaxed and she started to kick off her shoes but he said simply “Don’t” and gave her that look.  The look he used, probably without realising it, which made her want to do anything he asked, just to please him.

“Honey, you look amazing!” He said suddenly, standing.
“Yes, you said already.  I am happy you approve,” she replied with a cheeky smile.
“I do indeed,” he said and taking her hands, lifted her from the chair, taking her in his arms. He kissed her hard, moving from her lips to her neck and biting just a little. She could feel his arousal pressing against her and could feel her own juices start to flow also, making the satin of her panties instantly damp.  She sensed his urgency but said nothing, allowing him to take charge of proceedings the way they both liked.  He stepped away then and from his pocket produced a blindfold, just like you might wear while trying to sleep on a plane.

“What’s that for?” She asked, rather pointlessly.

“Allow me to show you,” he said, slipping it over her long hair and carefully placing the mask over her eyes.

“Ooh…” she uttered without being able to help herself.  She heard a rattle as he produced something else and then felt him shut handcuffs around her wrists, keeping her hand together in front of her.
“Not too tight, please,” she uttered quickly, thinking that perhaps she should have worn the gloves after all. His only response to this was to lift her dress and apply an open-palmed smack to her backside.
“Hey!” She shouted, feeling her backside smart even through the cool satin of her panties.
“Be quiet!” His voice was not raised but held a note that told her not to disobey.
She felt him take hold of the little chain between the cuffs and lead her through the door, taking care not to go too fast and cause her to stumble in her heels. On reaching the bedroom, she was ordered to her knees, but with her back straight and her hands behind her head.
“Right then,” he said finally. “I guess as you are dressed like a slut, you should be used like a slut.”
“But you told me to wear this!”
“Did I say you could speak?”
“No, but…”
“Did I say you could speak?” His voice was more insistent this time.
“No, what?” She paused, knowing what to say but pretending to need to remember.
“No, Sir,” she mumbled.
“NO, SIR!” She repeated, louder.
“That’s better.” She felt him walk behind her but didn’t dare move. Suddenly he took hold of the hem of her dress and slipped it up, over her head, removing it completely. Next he slid her panties down as far as he could in her kneeling position and she was glad she had put them on after fastening her suspenders as he had advised.  A little manoeuvring and her panties were off and he ordered her back into her upright kneeling position as her returned to stand in front of her. Her suspicions that she knew what might happen next were confirmed as she heard him unbuckle his belt, but instead he ordered her down onto all fours. What was he doing?  What did? His belt left a red mark of fire across her backside! She screamed at the suddenness rather than at the pain. Three more times this happened and she heard her own screams turn to moans of appreciation.
“That’s for speaking without permission,” he told her, matter-of-factly. “Now get back up.”
Seriously aroused now, she obeyed, struggling a little as her hands were still chained together and before she knew what was happening, he had pushed himself inside her mouth.  She gagged at first as it took her by surprise, but got into a rhythm with his thrusting and she could at least hold him with her cuffed hands too. She kept going, knowing that to stop would incur his wrath, her efforts the only sound in the room other than his orders of “faster!” and “harder!” She was starting to become aware that her legs were beginning to spasm from kneeling in the same position for so long, when his breathing became frantic and he exploded into her mouth.  She managed not to choke and dutifully swallowed his ‘gift’.  He lifted her and lead her to the bed, she stumbled once, still blindfolded and in high heels but he held her tightly.  He laid her on her back and unlocked the cuff on her right wrist, swiftly passing the cuff through the bars of the headboard and then snapping it closed on her wrist again, securing her to the headboard.  She heard him rummaging about under the bed and then felt leather cuffs being buckled around both her stockinged ankles. The sudden restriction of movement told her that there was a bar of some description between the two cuffs, which meant she could no longer close her legs.  She surprised herself when this knowledge caused her arousal to increase significantly. Almost as though he sensed this, she felt his hands running down her body, across the satin of the corset.  A slight adjustment and her breasts were free and he wasted no time at all caressing, licking and gently biting her nipple, running his tongue lightly between her two breasts and then starting on the other one.
She moaned softly, silently begging him not to stop.
Not to ever stop.
He ran his hands down her satin covered body and she felt him adjust his position, getting as comfortable as possible, despite the bar holding her legs apart.  She felt his tongue at the top of her left thigh, at the top of her right, then slowly caressed the cleft between.  She sighed and raised her pelvis to meet his tongue as it probed inside and slowly but surely made its way to her clitoris. He dabbed at her clit once, the slightest of touches but her arousal was already huge and the touch sent bolts of electricity all around her body.  She gasped and, spurred on by this response he continued, circling her clitoris with his tongue, very occasionally allowing it to touch and also licking from her very wet sex, stopping just shy of the bud itself.  She could feel her climax beginning and, when he reached up and pinched her nipples, without once losing his increasing oral rhythm, she climaxed hard, her body shaking and trembling, surrendering totally to the overwhelming tsunami of feeling and sensation.  He didn’t stop, however, but continued his ministrations and very soon a second climax exploded through her, her body finally relaxing with a crash.
While she lay there trembling, he unfastened the cuffs again, rolled her gently onto her stomach and refastened the cuffs.  Once she regained some semblance of control, he lifted her slightly, so that her backside was up and available, the bar still holding her ankles and legs apart.
She heard him undressing and muttered “Take me, please!  I want you inside me right now!”
His response was one word. “Patience!”
She listened for a sound, an indication of movement, the sound of his breathing, anything, but he was silent.  Had he left the room?  She was tempted to slide up the bed and remove the blindfold but decided against it. Instead she enjoyed the retreating sensations of her orgasms and waited for his next move.

She must have dozed as when she awoke she heard the sound of the shower pouring onto the tiles.  As the water was shut off, she realised that, although it was dark in the room, she could see. She wasn’t wearing the blindfold. She could move freely, wore no restraints, no stockings, no shoes, in fact nothing except a silky negligee.  Her backside wasn’t burning from the belt he’d used on her and it quickly dawned on her that she must have dreamed the whole thing.  It was the most vivid, erotic, enjoyable dream she had ever known, but still a dream.  Still lying on her side, she reached between her legs and felt her arousal.
Had she cum or had she not?  She was very wet but also almost unbearably horny.  The door opened, briefly bleeding a little more light into the bedroom and she felt his naked body slip into bed next to her.  He snuggled up behind her and she felt his cock nestle close to her arse.
“We played longer than usual. I didn’t mean to wake you.”

She turned and kissed him, glad to have the man she loved in bed next to her.

“You didn’t wake me.”

A pause then, both enjoying the closeness of the other’s body.
“I had a very vivid dream about you,” she said finally.
“Did you indeed? Want to tell me about it?”
The smile was evident in her voice as she asked. “Once quick question…”
“What’s that?”
“We don’t have to get up early in the morning do we?”
“No. We’re not due at my parents until 1.30. Why?”
“Just wondered,” she sat up and climbed on top of him, straddling his body, the skirt of the silky garment she wore settling and caressing his chest and stomach.
She kissed him, gasping then smiling contentedly as he entered her.  “I have a suggestion I’d like to put to you…”

______________________Copyright N J Harris 03/10/2011_______________________________________________________