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As the name suggests, this blog contains stories with strong erotic content and adult themes.  As such it is not suitable for visitors under the age of 18.

You have been warned.

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Dancing in the Moonlight

Important: This story is currently the contractual property of Xcite Books,  who published it as part of their “Hot Under The Collar” anthology.

Dancing in the Moonlight is not my first story of this ilk, but it is the first one to be published.

I hope it is not the last.

If you are easily offended, I suggest that you will be offended if you read this story.  So don’t read this story.  Instead, tell all of your more broad-minded friends and relations.

Whether you are, or whether you’re not…


NJH 06/10/2011

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School Daze

Uniforms; a favourite inclusion in erotic role-play, and indeed in many a D/s scenario.  Both men and women often find something to enjoy about seeing the opposite sex so clad.

School Daze then, I suppose, is just such an appreciation, but make of it what you will.  However, first and foremost…


NJH 05/10/2011

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Have you had one?  Perhaps more than one?

The story could have had the title “Working Up a Sweat in a Warmer Climate”, but that was far too long-winded, so I stuck to the more succinct option instead.

This holiday romance, however, does have something of a twist to it.


NJH 05/10/2011

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Night Thoughts

Written from the viewpoint of the lady involved, this story was fun to create and, I hope, a relatable one for readers of both sexes.


NJH 03/10/2011

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This story was born of a visit, with my girlfriend, to an establishment similar to that described within the story itself.  I will not say here whether what happens in the story, happened then.

And you cannot make me.  So there!


NJH 03/10/2011

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Manners are important, whether sitting at the dinner table or otherwise.  The fact that these days, such things seem in decline has, I fear, little bearing on this story.
My first story, if memory serves, in a more ‘erotic’ vein, this is a particular favourite of mine and is the love-child of two equally strange parents:  personal experience and the darker, suggestive corners of my imagination.

I leave you, dear reader, to delve into its depths, hopefully finding within its words that which you desire.

NJH 03/10/2011

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